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The communities we live in have added up to what many of us are today. Not many can be where others have been due to certain factors that may have disadvantaged them. You and YAR FM can join hands in  changing the life of a person, bringing hope to a child and a new beginning for an orderly person.


Thanks to All who have partnered with us for this noble cause

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Now Broadcasting From where you are!

Outside broadcasting is simply out door broadcasting. Yar 89.9 Fm recently invested in out door system which can transmit instantaneously to the studio and we can do an entire show from any location, thus we are encouraging companies and organizations to get on board and advertise with us.


Our tag" We are LIVE from WHERE you are"


Thank You Zambia!


From the most Southern tip of the Country  along the Zambezi river to the most Northern part of Zambia on the shores of lake Tanganyika, from the Eastern most part of the country on the Muchinja Hills to the most Western part of Zambia in Kalabo, its all one Zambia making one nation of Zambians.


Its been a long journey but many still kept the faith of a peaceful elections. Like an eagle soaring up high in the sky, so shall we reign and co-exist in a peaceful manner.


One Zambia, One Nation.


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