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Incorporated as Your Anthem Radio Limited in 2004 and trading as YAR FM, is the first commercial radio station to operate on the Copperbelt and is now being referred to as the Authority Voice of the Copperbelt.


Broadcasting from Kitwe on 89.9 FM to other surrounding areas on the Copperbelt, with a rotational listener ship base of over four million people. The Station has created a very good opportunity for companies and individuals in and outside the Copperbelt to effectively advertise their goods and services to the Copperbelt market.


Our target audience is age range 15 – 45 years and we provide adequate Information, Entertainment and Education as well as engage ourselves in community work and projects on the Copperbelt through our charity project called Moment of Care.


YAR FM is a product of the artistic and visionary imagination of a team with massive experience in the broadcasting business and information technology committed to influencing our target market and the nation positively.


The YAR FM team has earned market confidence and following such that our foundation for advertising is that, ‘you have the business and we have the market’, this can be evidenced not only by the numerous text messages, emails and voice calls, but also by our presence in cars and buses on the streets.


The brand was designed so the listeners can feel part and parcel of ownership alas YOUR ANTHEM RADIO, meaning the listener can actually say “MY ANTHEM RADIO”



“To add a voice and up market image to the economic giant of the Copperbelt province and a platform to launch more economic, social and corporate growth to Zambia’s economic engine’’



I. To make it easier and more affordable for our clients to reach out to their target market who are listening to YAR FM.


II. Using our experienced creative team, design concepts that will heighten excitement in the selling and marketing of goods and services of our clients.


III. To help develop strong brands for our clients by associating their product/ services with our radio brand.


IV. To support social programmes initiated by civil society, individuals and corporate citizens and residents of the Copperbelt through coverage and competitively priced advertising and airtime.


V. To inform, educate and entertain the citizens and residents of Copperbelt Province


VI. To contribute to the raising of a Zambian citizenry that is conscious of its civic responsibilities and rights.


VII. To promote a strong spirit of patriotism and love for the motherland, Zambia.


VIII. To present the best, balanced and objective news coverage of issues in the Copperbelt and to keep the residents of this great province informed on what is happening in the rest of the country and abroad.


IX. To empower and challenge the youth with information that enables them make better choices in their lives.


X. To contribute to the increase of awareness on issues of citizen driven public programmes, health, education, environment, family and HIV/AIDS.





We pioneered commercial radio market on the Copperbelt opening and entering the region with marketing by differentiation.


We have created marketing packages to cover the upper and lower ends of the economic target group with rates for the premium and low budget advertiser, the latter which we refer to as ‘Amakwebo’.

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