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We pioneered commercial radio market on the Copperbelt opening and entering the region with marketing by differentiation.


We have created marketing packages to cover the upper and lower ends of the economic target group with rates for the premium and low budget advertiser.


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Growing your business


YAR FM’s growth is well hinged within the growth of your company. We are here to provide you that leverage and due competitive advantage in your market.



YAR FM will carry your product or service to the Copperbelt populace, professionally and effectively. Our station will raise your company profile, target specific markets and achieve increased turnover in a very cost-effective manner. We are touching all age groups and will adjust our marketing strategy at your request just to ensure accuracy in hitting your target. We are not just about selling you air time, but we also, through our creative team, deliver your material to your audience with a passion and an up market approach.




YAR FM is here to make sure when you associate your company with our brand, you will become a household name as we are referred to as the ‘Authority voice of the Copperbelt’.


Premium/Prime Advert Rates


Creatively produced using top of the range radio audio production software with necessary sound effects, voice overs and music beds to give a product/service the up market image it deserves.



K2.00n per second (0 – 60 seconds)

K2.20n per second (61 – 120 seconds)

K2.50n per second (above 120 seconds)

K3.00n per second for slots before and after news





K15.00n per minute

Commercial announcements/Notices – K200.00

Programme Presenter’s & Production Fees @K300.00



Opportunities include:



Your product or service will be endorsed and stay in people’s homes just as YAR 89.9 FM has come to be accepted as the first commercial radio station to be based on the Copperbelt and transmit to this region.


Through ‘the endorsement’, your product/service has a dedicated host, who will speak of the virtues of your product/service in a professional and canning way during each presentation.


This is extremely useful for advertisers who rely heavily on brand loyalty and successful promotion of the product and services…

- News

- Weather and travel

- Sports update

- Community initiatives and activities


Specific presenter host shows

These offer you a unique way of reaching out to your target audience through associating products and services with certain presenters, presentation style and shows. These shows allow you to sell your company with the persona of a popular presenter; it is more dynamic, more exciting and more personalized.


Promotional Activities

Promotions are a crucial part of the YAR 89.9 FM portfolio. These will be achieved in a variety of ways, for example:

- On-air competitions and giveaway

- In-store sampling for openings or brand launches

- Live phone ins

- On location live coverage

- Outside broadcasting


“You have the business, we have the Market”


Mission Statement

Marketing Strategy

Management Team

Our Programming

Keep Zambia Clean and Healthy campaign.


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