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It is no secret that YAR FM is set up in a community and would like to be associated with the goings on in the community. The team has strategized to partner with the local authorities, business houses and the church so as to contribute to various public events like the Keep Zambia Clean and Healthy campaign.


As noted in the preamble, our community project Moment of Care is the channel through which we participate and take responsibility to contribute and help outside the core business to improve the well being of others. Here we regularly appeal to our corporate partners and listeners to bring stuff that they are no longer using like old books, out grown clothes, movies, shoes, etc as well as commit their services and products for the good of the less privileged.


What follows after this is that our focal person and team identify a place of need like orphanage, house for the aged, group of families etc. The main guideline of identifying such is that they should have little or no help at all as a way of trying to distribute resources evenly.


After settling in the market we have also created ‘The YAR FM Fan Club’ which takes part in initiatives set up with our community services department and also acts as a ground on which we identify talent for various radio jobs and training.


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